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A London/Istanbul based female Cinematographer. 

Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Film and Television Department, where she was accredited the University’ s talent scholarship. After getting her bachelor's degree,  she applied for the Australian Government’ s  Endeavour Awards and received a highly prestigious scholarship to study at Sydney Film School.

Now with 15+ years of experience in her field she has become one of the first female Cinematographers to work in the Turkish film industry and has worked in numerous films.  She also owns a production company called Armadillo Productions LTD.



Netflix TV Series 

Whom Were We Running From


Founder/ Owner Armadillo Film Prod. LTD.
Freelance Cinematographer / Producer
Film Production Company

Part Time Instructor FTV Department
Teaching, Camera Techniques and Lighting Workshop
Istanbul Bilgi University

Refika’nın Mutfağı TV Show
Camera Operator

Digital Intermediate Technician (D.I.T)
Makine Production House

Videographer In-house Video Department
Istanbul Bilgi University

IKSV Film Festival,Technical Department IKSV

-Whom Were We Running From- Netflix Cinematographer

- Witch Trilogy 13+ Short Fiction Cinematographer

- Witch Trilogy 15+ Experimental Documentary 

- Ankebut- Experimental Documentary Short

- Mihri- Feature 2018 Documentary Cinematographer
- Kusurlu- Short Film 2017 Cinematographer
- Maide- Feature Film 2017 Camera Operator
- Hayati Tehlike- Feature Film Focus Puller
- Yok Artık- Feature Film 2015 Focus Puller
- Baskın- Feature Horror Film 2015 Camera Operator
- Polis Akademisi Alaturka- Feature Film 2014 Cam Op.
- Çalıntı Anılar- Short Film 2014 Cinematographer
- Tanımadığın Öpücük_ Short Film Camara operator
- Edifice- Short Film 2013 Cinematographer
- Winner of Honourable Mention Award Speechless Film Fest.
- Forty five- Short Film 2012 Cinematographer
- Slice of Life-Short Film 2011 Cinematographer

- I went the way of Sufi- Short Documentary

- The Kettle bell_Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- The Train Man- Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- Armed Walls- Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- Endure- Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- For My Friend- Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- Impromptu- Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- Loneliness and Me- Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- Genius-Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- No Name- Short film 2011Cinematographer

- Oppenheimer- Short film 2011 Gaffer

- Welcome Home- Short film 2011 Cinematographer

- Oda_ Short Film 2010 Cinematographer
- Flying Box- Short Film 2009 Director
- Asansör- IKSV Cinematographer
- Vodafone Marathon- Cinematographer
- Coca Cola Sevgili Makinası- Cinematographer
- Coca Cola İsim Makinası- Cinematographer
- Acı Badem University- Cinematographer
- Kinder Çocuk- Cinematographer
- THY Cargo- Camea Operator
- Tropicana Prague- Camera Operator
- Tropicana Bursa_ Camera Operator
- Toyota Auris Sportback_ Camera Operator
- Vodafone İş Ortağım, Malatya Pazarı_ Camera Operator
- Vodafone İş Ortağım, Kord İplik_ Camera Operator
- Vodafone İş Ortağım, Ford Otosan_ Camera Operator
- Vodafone İş Ortağım, Danone _ Camera Operator
- Vodafone Benim işim_ Camera Operator
- Vodafone Benim İşim Jale Kulin_ Camera Operator
- Vodafone Düşler Akademisi_ Camera Operator
- Knorr Herkes Sofraya- Camera operator
- Meyhanedeyizbiz_ Camera Operator

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